Jasper Bridge Goes Electric

Black Sheep Inn - Saturday May 27 2017

I love playing a stage for the first time. 

While I have played this one several times, with a handful of artists, this will be my first time as a singer songwriter.

I think I can speak for any musician in Ottawa  (probably a much greater geographical reach than that) and say that the Black Sheep Inn stage is very special; a stage that you dream of playing from the day you start.  

Not only will this be my first time as a singer songwriter, but also it will be the show as a four piece electric band! 

Come join me for the inaugural show of Jasper Bridge Goes Electric! We'll be playing a few of 'the hits' from Love to A Wild Thing and a bunch of brand new tunes! 

Tickets are available in the link below, and there will also be a magic school bus to take you there!