3rd Annual Beards for Breasts Fundraiser

I am very exited to announce the third annual Beards for Breasts Fundraising Concert on Wednesday November 23! It is truly hard to believe that three years have past; and it also means that I am about to get rid of my third beard! I would like to thank everyone who has supported the cause and for encouraging me to keep it going! It has become a really special and rewarding annual event for me, and apparently for the community around me! 

This years line up will feature myself and three amazing Ottawa Singer Songwriters! Joining me will be: my friend and bandmate from The Powergoats, Mr. Jamie Douglas; from one of my favourite Ottawa rock bands 'Silver Creek' (who I've had the pleasure of sitting in with on guitar) and beautiful poet Mr. Shawn Tavenier, and rounding out the lineup is Sean Tansey from the acclaimed indie rock band Lost to the River.

The AMAZING poster for the event was donated by local musician and illustrator Marc Audet, who has now designed three posters for me! It is so amazing to be a part of such a thriving music community. 

Hope to see you at the event!