Recording at The Big Muddy

During the summer of 2014 I was working as a session guitarist alongside Blair Hogan and he introduced me to his touring partner / bandmate, local writer and producer, Brock Zeman. One summers day Blair and I drove out to the Ottawa Valley for me to demo the songs with Brock, at his studio ‘The Big Muddy’. I was very familiar with Brocks music having listened to it over the years, and was excited at the chance to play a handful of songs off the album for him. 

Arriving at the Big Muddy, (which I still get lost trying to find) I had no cell phone reception, and was surrounded by the likes of an artist; the walls are lined with typewriters, guitars, records, books, (recent addition includes a vintage pinball machine). Off the back porch is plot of land leading to the water where his dog Bo runs free. Truly the opposite of city living, The Big Muddy was the perfect escape to sit down and record the set of songs. While demoing the tunes for Brock, Blair grabbed a nearby mandolin and started to jam along. Having grown very familiar with his impeccable tone and sense of phrasing, and knowing his element of influence on the various records Brock was recording I enlisted Blair to play electric guitar and mandolin on the album. 

The songs were recorded in a few days, and to my memory in few takes, aiming to capture the raw performance. Ten songs were recorded for the album and are to be released in April 2015.