Beards for Breasts

With the formation of Jasper Bridge I knew that I wanted to find a way to give back to the community through music. I began donating a percentage of admission fees at the various gigs around town to a local charity ‘Babes4Breasts’. Babes4Breasts is a phenomenal local organization that raises money through music to help fight breasts cancer. As a session guitarist I have had the privilege of playing in the house band of the annual fundraising concert supporting some of the best songwriters in Canada. 


In the Fall of 2014 I made the decision to take my fundraising efforts one step further and began a campaign, a play on words ‘Beards for Breasts’. The concept was simple, rather than running, or walking I would raise money to shave my beard. 

Either a lot of people really supported the cause … or simply hate beards… because through the generous support of friends, family, colleagues and perfect strangers the campaign raised nearly $1,500. My favourite local brewery, Beyond the Pale even supported the campaign with a charity cask with all proceeds going to the cause. The campaign was concluded with a fundraising concert featuring my longtime friends and touring partners Ty Hall and Cody Allen at Bassline Station. 

On Monday October 20 2014 I stepped into Hair Fellas Barbershop for a straight shave. 


After such success it will definitely become an annual event!