Jasper Bridge Goes Electric

Black Sheep Inn - Saturday May 27 2017

I love playing a stage for the first time. 

While I have played this one several times, with a handful of artists, this will be my first time as a singer songwriter.

I think I can speak for any musician in Ottawa  (probably a much greater geographical reach than that) and say that the Black Sheep Inn stage is very special; a stage that you dream of playing from the day you start.  

Not only will this be my first time as a singer songwriter, but also it will be the show as a four piece electric band! 

Come join me for the inaugural show of Jasper Bridge Goes Electric! We'll be playing a few of 'the hits' from Love to A Wild Thing and a bunch of brand new tunes! 

Tickets are available in the link below, and there will also be a magic school bus to take you there! 


An Annual Shave.

In one weeks time I will be en-route to Hair Fellas Barbershop for an annual shave. I am doing so to raise money for breast cancer, specifically the OICC Head Start Program which is funded by Babes for Breasts. My campaign is called Beards for Breasts. 

If you would like to support me in raising money for this amazing local program that helps newly diagnosed women in their fight against Breast Cancer you can do the following: 

1) Make a pledge to my annual beard shave. Cheques can be written directly to “Babes for Breasts” or for a tax receipt the cheque can be written to “The Community Foundation of Ottawa” and put “Babes for Breasts Flow Through” in the memo line. 

2) Come join me for an intimate night of songs this Wednesday, November 23 at Live on Elgin where I will be sharing the stage with three other amazing local singer songwriters: Shawn Tavenier, Jamie Douglas & Sean Tansey. All proceeds going directly to the charity. 

I come from a long line of beards, and behind every beard there is a stronger women. It comforts me in knowing that support like the OICC Head Start Program exist in our community and am thankful for all the hard work they do. 



3rd Annual Beards for Breasts Fundraiser

I am very exited to announce the third annual Beards for Breasts Fundraising Concert on Wednesday November 23! It is truly hard to believe that three years have past; and it also means that I am about to get rid of my third beard! I would like to thank everyone who has supported the cause and for encouraging me to keep it going! It has become a really special and rewarding annual event for me, and apparently for the community around me! 

This years line up will feature myself and three amazing Ottawa Singer Songwriters! Joining me will be: my friend and bandmate from The Powergoats, Mr. Jamie Douglas; from one of my favourite Ottawa rock bands 'Silver Creek' (who I've had the pleasure of sitting in with on guitar) and beautiful poet Mr. Shawn Tavenier, and rounding out the lineup is Sean Tansey from the acclaimed indie rock band Lost to the River.

The AMAZING poster for the event was donated by local musician and illustrator Marc Audet, who has now designed three posters for me! It is so amazing to be a part of such a thriving music community. 

Hope to see you at the event!